Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition


Sparx Services Australia is a new business with years of experience, positioned to provide services and products that will guarantee your organisation's success with Enterprise Architect.

The Australian arm leverages a global group of Sparx Services organisations to provide local services focused on private and public sector organisations across a broad range of industries and agencies ranging from Aerospace to Banking and Finance to Mining and Transport. Enquire

Training and Mentoring

This service takes a group of one or more students and trains or mentors them to increase their knowledge and practical skills in the understanding of tool features and usage, modelling languages, frameworks and how to use the Enterprise Architect to achieve formidable outcomes. The training is typically conducted in a classroom setting or over the Internet using engaging and innovative teaching techniques. Enquire

Consulting and Facilitation

This service provides expertise in carrying out modelling tasks including: Architecture, Business Modelling, Process Modelling, Requirements Modelling, Analysis and Design. Typically we assist your staff to ensure they have a level of expertise that enables them to perform the tasks themselves. We are also happy to be an extra set of hands where required. Enquire

Reviews, Audits and Appraisals

This service will assess the models that have been created and the tool setup and usage. A report will be provided that will identify problems and opportunities and areas where more value could be achieved Including: compliance, best practice, licence rationalisation, workplace efficiencies and model reuse. Enquire

Support and Guidance

This service provides ongoing and dedicated support for your team to answer questions, resolve issues or provide guidance about how to proceed. These extend the already product focused support available from Sparx Systems. Enquire

Implementation and Configuration

This service uses input from a review, audit or appraisal to create an Implementation Plan that guides all aspects of the implementation of modelling as a discipline and the setup and configuration of Enterprise Architect and Pro Cloud Server. The implementation can be enacted according to the plan including on premise and off premise setups. Enquire


This service provides a cloud based solution for Enterprise Architect using the Pro Cloud Server. Let us take the headache out of implementation and delivery. Underpinned by Australia's leading cloud provider the service will allow you to concentrate on modelling your enterprise. This service can be coupled with our formidable support service where we can act as your model curator and mentor - sitting beside you in virtual space always ready to guide and assist. Enquire

Extensions and Programming

This service provides expertise in creating programmatic extensions for Enterprise Architect in the form of add-ins or programs. The extensions provide a mechanism to manipulate the models to save time, effort and costs where repetitive or difficult modelling tasks are indicated. Enquire

Standards and Frameworks

This service provides research and recommendations about the applicability of national and international standards in areas related to the customer's domain and market segments. This will ensure your modelling effort is based on best practice and typically will save significant time and effort. Enquire

Publications and Reports

This service provides expertise to create high quality publications, documentation and reports directly from the Enterprise Architect Repository. Your corporate styles and cover pages can be included to create compliant publications that will impress business and technical audiences alike. emplates are utilised to ensure that publications can be changed quickly and easily. Enquire

Legacy System Documentor

This service will create detailed visual and compelling documentation of an existing or legacy system. Undocumented legacy system are a substantial risk to an enterprise and a barrier to system upgrade or integration with new and innovative systems. Your systems can be visualised though static and behavioural models including class and sequence diagrams generated directly from the running systems and also converted to textual publications. Enquire