Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition
Enterprise Architect Ultimate Edition


We are a team of innovators, listeners, thinkers and modellers passionate about achieving results for you and for a better world.

Sparx Services Australia is the service arm of Sparx Systems in the Australian region. We are a new organisation with a deep and long history in Australia stretching back to 2000. We bring to the market a profound knowledge of the Sparx Systems tool set including Enterprise Architect, Pro Cloud Server and Extensions. We provide a broad range of services that will ensure your success and the attainment with the tools ensure positive and competitive outcomes for the digital enterprise.


To bring excellence and rigour to the conceptualisation, implementation and delivery of enterprise, business and technology systems through modelling with Enterprise Architect.


Our headquaters are in central Melbourne which provides a base for working in the other jurisdictions


Level 40,
140 William Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: +61 3 9132 8080
Web: www.sparxservices.com.au

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We have plans to open offices in the following locations in the next financial year:


We provide services in the following locations and our consultants are always delighted to work with organisations and teams in these cities.